Canonbury West LTN consultation

Canonbury West LTN consultation

Islington Council is now running its full consultation on the road layout changes that were made in Canonbury West last year.

As local residents who believe that fairer, safer, quieter and healthier streets are worth keeping, we need to ensure that the voices of the quiet majority are heard. 💚💚💚

  • Click here for the consultation questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire is open to anyone who uses the area, regardless of whether or not you live there. If you don't live, work or study in Canonbury West, think about your experience of that area when you visit.
  • We strongly encourage you to share the link with friends, family, colleagues, etc. via Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor and other means.
  • The LTNs in Canonbury West, Canonbury East, St Peter's, Highbury, etc. have reduced traffic in other parts of Islington, so it's appropriate to think of those streets too.
  • Feel free to suggest other improvements in Canonbury West, such as seating, cycle hire, mobility scooter storage, etc. Question 7 provides an opportunity for "other comments" such as this.
  • You can go back and review/change your answers up until the moment you hit the "Submit" button.
  • We reckon it should take around 5-10 minutes to complete. What's that against the rest of a lifetime of glorious safer, quieter and healthier streets?
  • Last day for response: Tuesday 18 January. So get on it now!

Click here for more information about Canonbury West LTN, including the results of the monitoring report and dates of events/zoom where you can speak to the Council team.

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